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Estrace and provera treatment?

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Hello everybody!

I'm new in this board and I have a question. Can u help me?

I have very irregular bleedings, and my doctor -after lots of labs- told me I can be PCOS. She gave me estrace and provera, and I began them in august 1,2007. And she told me to come when I have a bleeding, also told me that we will do blood pregnancy test. At that time I forgot to ask her, if I have a chance to get pregnant this month. ( I am trying to get pregnant)...After 16 days of having estrace (16 august), i began to have some pain in my lower belly..and after 18 days (18 august) I began to urinate frequently and i feel some weakness......I am calling my doctor, but she's not available:(

Anybody had this kind of treatment and became pregnant?

Help me please!

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