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subchorionic hemorrhage

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My doc has been monitoring a subchorionic hemorrhage and has put me on some restictions (no lifting, and no sex, UGH :-( I was just wondering if there is anything I can do naturally to help my chances of this healing up. I usually take extra vitamin E since I have vericose veins, but I thought that I would back it off to the amount in my prenatal and up my intake of alfalfa, nettles and spirulina for the vitamin k and blood building properties. Any thoughts? I have my next ultrasound to check on it on Thursday and I would like to see that thing gone or significantly reduced!

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    • I had one but didn't have it monitored. I was taking extra E but that was it. I stopped bleeding at about 11 weeks but since I didn't have any further u/s not sure if it went away.
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